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thelasthostofchristendom said: I hope your birthday's a real slice. ;)

Thanks! It was!!! :3

15 June 2012           Reblog    
g0ldstarmetaphor-deactivated201 said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, perfect angel!!!

Awwww thanks sweetie!!! :) <3 <3 <3

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letsrunawaytodisney said: Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a magical day!!!!!

Thank you!! :)

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big-tough-girl said: OOC; HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY <3

Thanks!!! <3 xxx

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Anonymous said: hi! just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing artist! keep up the lovely work!


 [I owe so much to Ken Duncan]

Such a lovely message, why are you anon :D

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Anonymous said: ϟ

The song I’m listening to right now is… Marilyn Monroe - Specialization

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live-bythesun-lovebythe-moon said: hey just started following you :) i love your drawings so much! keep doing your thang :P

What a beautiful message to get in my askbox. Thank you!!! :)

30 April 2012           Reblog    
Anonymous said: Have you ever broken a bone?

Luckily, I haven’t. I’ve only fallen with no serious damage…

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Anonymous said: Hey, I just wanted to say, I love your drawings :D It's so good, I hope you keep up the good work. Your blog and how your personality, is nice too ^^ Enjoy a beautiful day :D

Why, thank you! 

26 April 2012           Reblog    
Anonymous said: is there an easier way to hold on conversation? i dont mean to sound pushy or anything, it's just that this is fairly inconvenient. also I'm fairly new to tumblr and still learning everything. if not then that's fine too, we can keep conversing like this.-Jon

If you come off anon, I can send you private messages :)

26 April 2012           Reblog